Saturday, 8 October 2016

Finding Traditional Japanese Desserts at Two Hands

Here at Two Hands, we bring on some traditional flavors from Japan through our traditional homemade desserts that are sure to satisfy all those with a sweet tooth. 

Japanese Sweet Bread Agepan

What do you get when you cross a donut with a churro? Well, you get the Japanese sweet bread, Agepan! This little treat has a history of being created after the Second World War for school children who were lacking from much needed nutrients. Nowadays, it’s an enjoyed lunchtime snack for students and a favorite dessert at Two Hands. Sprinkled with some kinako (soybean powder), its crunch will leave you smiling with delight. You can takeaway or have agepan delivered to your doorstep at Two Hands, and for those who only want to bring the sweetness up another notch, we have a selection of caramel, hazelnut or vanilla syrup that can also be added on top!

Japanese Dessert Shiratama Kinako

If you enjoy the taste of Japanese sweets such as dango or daifuku, then we’ve got another treat for you! Two Hands offers a traditional dessert called the Shiratama Kinako. Both chewy in texture and sweet in flavour, Shiratama is made up of rice flour which is kneaded into little balls and lightly sprinkled with kinako, a soybean powder and kuromitsu, a sugar-based sweet sauce . The dessert goes perfect with a side of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and a cup of hot steaming tea! We recommend eating this dessert with green or earl grey tea to bring out the sweetness of the Shiratama. 

Japanese Dessert

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